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Special Services, Incentives and Exceptionalities

Thank you for choosing Dynasty Ethiopia Tours to travel to Ethiopia! We are pleased to offer the following Special Services, Incentives and Exceptionalities to our esteemed guests:

Special Services

Our special services include customized travel arrangements ranging from hotel and resort bookings, Air ticket reservations, professional guide services, car rentals, planning of itineraries, provision of package tours and so much more.

Our tour packages are not limited but includes Tours to the popular historic routes, Cultural tours or “ethnic tourism”, Tours to the natural wonders, Trekking to the high Simien and Bale Mountains national parks as well as the Lasta Lalibela and Meket Escarpments, Cycling and Horse riding tours, Bird watching tours, Festival tours, Excursions from Addis and Addis Abeba city tours, Adventure tours in the afar Depressions, photographing and a combination of some or all of these. 

Incentives/ Additional privileges

We are pleased to offer the following special incentives for our OVER 7 DAY packages in 2013/14. 

  • Book early and save: Book early (more than 3 months before the start of your trip) and choose one of our exciting packages. You will receive a 6% discount on the package or a one day (24 hours) free trip with full accommodations. Be it in Addis (the capital city) or elsewhere in Ethiopia! 
  • Lead a group of 14:  The group leader will be offered free accommodations! 
  • Invite others: Once you book your travel, you may receive a 5% discount for adding 3 more people or a 10% discount for additional of 4 or more people.  (Note: This does not include the discount you will normally have for group standard; the percentage discount is additional privilege.) 
  • Family Special: We will offer a special discount for family travel involving more than 4 family members. 

Our mission is to tailor your trip to fit your time frame, budget and interests.  Let us introduce you to awesome Ethiopia. We are proud to offer world class service!


In addition to running tours to the most popular tourist circuits, Dynasty Ethiopia Tours makes it possible for you to experience the authentic cultural activities through the following exceptional spices of our tours;

  • Taking part in the traditional farming activities
  • Participating  in cooking Ethiopian local dishes, 
  • Performing the coffee ceremony, a very integral activity in the daily lives of Ethiopians
  • Traditional hair-making especially for the ladies
  • You will also get a chance to sit with very warm and friendly local elders and share some of the juiciest traditional stories 
  • To crown it all Dynasty Ethiopia Tours makes it possible for you to experience the very old and unusual lives of Hermits and church servants especially during the nightly events, prayers, feasts and blessing rituals.