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Melka konture, Adadi Mariam Church and Tiya

Tour Name: Melka konture, Adadi Mariam Church and Tiya 

Tour code: DET 022/2


Laying at 65 kilometers Distance from Addis Abeba through the Butajera road, Melka Kuntre Stone Age site (between 1.5 and 1.8 Million years old), contains many samples of Stone Age tools of the early Homosapiens. The collections are results of the excavations of the last four decades. The samples are well exhibited in show rooms and there is very good scientific explanation about Stone Age tools in general and the site in particular.


Adadi Mariam also lies along this road and it is the only rock hewn church to exist as far south as this region. The church is not as carefully carved as the rock-hewn churches in Lalibela but it has a lot of similarities with most of them and the rock-hewn churches of Tigray. It is attributed to the famous priest king St. Lalibela. 


Tiya is one of the sites for megalithic stelae in the southern part of Ethiopia to be reached after 85 Killometres drive from the capital in the same road. There are about 30 intricately carved stelae in the site. It is probably an ancient burial ground. The stelae are not soaring monoliths as in Axum, but they contain depictions of swords and various enigmatic symbols not found in other regions.





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