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Easter and the Holy week (Variable dates but usually fails on April)

There is no significant festival celebrated in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church during lent, the fasting season before Easter. Dabra Zeit (Mount olive’s Day) is observed half way through lent in commemoration of the miracles performed by Christ at mount olives. This day is celebrated with special consideration at an old church of Sama Senbet, in Eastern Showa and the rock hewn churches of Lalibela. In Lalibela this day is a second event of the year when thousands of pilgrims are flowing. 

The main holiday of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Christ and the break of lent. There are a number of events to be observed for about two weeks: one before Easter and another one after Easter. The week before Easter is known as Himamat or the holy week to remind the thirteen types of sufferings of Christ before the crucifixion. 

Hosa’ena (Palm Sunday) commemorates the entrance of Christ to a temple in Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, spreading Zenbaba (palm) on the road, and escorted by many adults and babies. The palm given at each church on this day represents this palm and the day is known as Palm Sunday. This day is observed in all churches but very special and exceptional in the church of Axum Tsion. 

Siklet (Good Friday), Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion.  Regarded as a New Jerusalem, attending Good Friday and the night ceremony of Easter Sunday in lalibela is one of the best Experience to trace back the centuries old Christian tradition.